Whakapapa: (verb) to recite in proper order (e.g. genealogies, legends, months), recite genealogies

(noun) genealogy, genealogical table, lineage, descent.

(Māori dictionary; http://maoridictionary.co.nz)


Hidden Perspectives: Bringing the Arts out the Closet (HPNZ) was set up in 2016 by Chip Matthews (Student Support Advisor) and Caroline Blyth (Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities) in liaison with Rainbow Arts and Arts Equity at the University of Auckland. The project traces its roots back to the University of Sheffield in the UK, where the original Hidden Perspectives project was founded. The inspiration of Dr Katie Edwards,  Hidden Perspectives: Bringing the Bible out the Closet is a pioneering public engagement project that seeks to open up interpretation of the Bible to diverse groups from a range of faith and non-faith backgrounds, who are often underrepresented in biblical studies, due to their gender, class, race, sexuality, and disability.

After Katie and Caroline met in Sheffield back in 2014, the duo spent the following year planning and dreaming of ways to set up a Hidden Perspectives project in Auckland’s Faculty of Arts. Their dreams were finally realized in 2016, when Caroline and Chip were tasked by the Arts Equity team to develop a student engagement project that would provide a platform for LGBTI+ student voices in Arts. And so, Hidden Perspectives: Bringing the Arts out the Closet was born. This Kiwi sister project carries many of the same goals as its Sheffield sibling, aiming to foster a social and academic community where LGBTI+ Arts students can meet, share ideas, support each other, and get inspired by queer research and activism. And together, this new whanau (family) will continue to work together to support their joint goals and aspirations, in what we anticipate will be a long and fruitful relationship.