Back in early January, as part of our MA Work-Placement Module, we started working for Hidden Perspectives, and to say that the time has flown by would be somewhat of an understatement.

Over the course of our four-month placement we have worked vigorously to build up HPNZ’s online presence and, not only have we learned a lot during the process but, more importantly, we have had a blast doing it! Of course, the placement hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows … frantic emails to each other over colour-schemes, gif/emoji choices and Word-Press’s temperamentality have occurred more than we’d like to admit! But, despite these predictable hiccups along the way, we feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to work for Hidden Perspectives. We’re so proud of all the work we’ve done and we can’t wait to see HPNZ flourish in the future. Oh, and those hiccups? Well, they served as valuable learning curves that we’re now grateful of – they have definitely made us more committed and determined to work harder to ensure that HPNZ’s online presence is as fab as it can be!

Since it feels like the end of an era for us (dramatic we know), we wanted to take this opportunity not only to say THANK YOU for giving us the chance to be a part of such a ground-breaking project, but to also say THANK YOU for your unwavering support across all the online platforms we’ve worked so hard to build. So, without further ado – this blog post is dedicated to all the work we’ve done for HPNZ. We hope you enjoy our overly nostalgic post.


Find us at: @hperspectivesnz

A good part of our placement has been spent working on HPNZ’s social media platforms. One of our favourite parts has been our time, let loose, on the HPNZ Twitter. You know all those GIFS of cats and excitable children that suddenly appeared on your timeline? Yep – that was us! Oh, and all those Tweets about latest blog posts, events, and advertisements of HPNZ’s Instagram that started flooding in? Yep – you guessed it, that was us too! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to Tweet from the HPNZ account as it’s allowed us to advertise the work we’ve done on other platforms and it enabled us to engage with you guys. On a more serious note, working on the HPNZ Twitter has allowed us to advertise important events coming up and we’ve been able to, at times, RT interesting and important news which is relevant to the HPNZ motto of “bringing the arts and humanities out of the closet”. One thing that this experience has taught us, for example, is how to be meticulous in understanding what is suitable to be promoted on our platform – something we’re sure will be useful in the future.


Find us at: @hiddenperspectivesnz

If you didn’t already know from the numerous Tweets where we shamelessly advertised it, HPNZ now has an Instagram account! One of the best parts of our placement has undoubtedly been setting up the projects Instagram account. We’ve posted on the Instagram account A LOT. We’ve Instagrammed pictures from Auckland Pride and the launch event and we’ve also promoted our blog posts on there. Although our following on here is still relatively small, we’ve built the foundations to make HPNZ’s Instagram an engaging platform which will showcase all the project’s great work. The HPNZ Instagram account is something we’re eager to see grow.


Find us: (here)

Check out our sibling project’s blog too:

Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this site, and that’s right – we set it up! Our biggest achievement of the placement has undoubtedly been setting up the HPNZ WordPress blog and our posts on it. We’ve learned how difficult it can be to create a website when you have a particular vision in mind but are confined by things such as available themes, colour palettes, and layouts. We now understand just how much work goes into a post: how long it ACTUALLY takes to edit when technology can be (at times) very unpredictable! From setting up the blog, we’ve gained skills in web design which has been very interesting and something very different from our usual discipline – we’re sure these skills will be invaluable for the future too. We also got the chance to learn about the fantastic students and staff involved with HPNZ when we edited the blog posts and it’s been great to see others sharing our enthusiasm for the project. Most recently, Mel also produced an amazing blog post for Hidden Perspectives UK about Sarah Laing’s graphic memoir “Mansfield and Me”. You should definitely check this out (if you haven’t already!) >>

We’ve done a lot of work backstage too – for example, we’ve designed what we’re hoping will be the future logo of HPNZ. We won’t bore you with the tales of the multiple admin tasks and emails though. Instead, we’d just like to, for one last time, say THANK YOU. We hope you’re just as proud as us of all the work that’s been done so far for HPNZ and we hope that, like us, you can’t wait to see what’s in store next for the project.

Thank you / whakawhetai koe

Rachel and Mel

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