*drum roll*

…It’s another introduction! We hope you’ve been enjoying our interviews with the people who have been involved with Hidden Perspectives over the past few months – we’ve certainly enjoyed getting to know them and are incredibly grateful for all their help so far.

In today’s blog post we will be introducing Harriet, so let’s meet her:

1) Hi! Please tell us about yourself – who you are and what you do

Hiya, I’m Harriet – a third year undergraduate student at the University of Auckland. I study a BA in History and Religious Studies. harriet nz

My academic interests reside specifically in the Protestant Reformation; I’m particularly interested in the ambiguous legacy left for gender relations by Martin Luther. I’m fascinated by how his conceptions of womanhood (present in his treatise On the Estate of Marriage) helped shape the gendered norms and roles that exist in Western society today.

I’m also heavily involved in a student-led movement called Thursdays In Black which is aimed with ending sexual violence.

2) What interests you about the project and why

The idea of fostering an inclusive and empowering community for LGBTI+ students where we can meet likeminded people and share our academic interests and insights with each other excites me.

3) Why do you think the project is important right now?

Because despite the fact that New Zealand is a very progressive place in terms of LGBTI+ rights, being a young queer person can still be really tough. It’s especially difficult when there is a lack of visibility of other young queer people and can make the process of coming to peace with yourself a turbulent one. As students, our university communities play a core role in our lives and for there to be a visible (and vibrant) project specifically for queer students is immensely reassuring and comforting.

4) What do you hope to get out of being a part of the project?

I hope to have productive and insightful discussions, become more empathetic and learn from others.

5) Why is it important to bring the arts and humanities out of the closet?

Because queer students and academics have a unique set of experiences which inform their work and worldview. Having these out in the open would bring enrichment and diversity to our university campus.

6) What are your hopes for the future?

That diverse sexualities and genders are both normalized and celebrated rather than stigmatized.

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