In anticipation of our official launch on the 16th, we’d like to start introducing  you to fellow members/advocates of our sparkly new project. Kickstarting this is… Nevin.

Hi! Please tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hey, hey – I’m Nev! I’m currently doing my Masters in documentary film production and  I also hold a Bachelor of Theology degree. My main interest is the history of the early church and expressions of queer sexualities in scripture and the contemporary media.

What interests you about the project and why do you think it’s important right now?

In my opinion, having a platform where students and professors can come together and share their opinions on the same level is pretty unique. It begins to subvert some of the more superficial power-dynamics on campus and encourages equal field of discussion. It surprised me that the Faculty of Arts has taken this long to create a group specifically catering to LGBT interests. It’s long overdue for voices/opinions to be more visible around campus!


Why do you think that it’s important to bring the arts and humanities out of the closet?

It’s a bit of a stereotype that the Faculty of Arts caters to LGBT students, our interests, and aspirations.  Providing a visible academic/social platform would make students more comfortable and inspire a larger number to explore subject matter that is traditionally outside the interests/scope of the mainstream.


What would you like to see on our blog/social media and what do you hope to get out of being a part of the project?

Being a film student, I’d love to see a bit more queer engagement with mainstream film/media in general as more often than not our community tends to look to the indie/art-house or we are relegated to predominant walking/talking stereotypes. Bringing a queer perspective to the superhero/sci-fi/fantasy genres begins to open the space for alternative ways of viewing as well as increasing the potential for more accurate portrayals on screen. Being a part of the project, I’d love to see more student-driven/forum events happening where there is substantial time and space to open up for a good conversation about less mainstream ideas.


What are your hopes for the future?

I’m hoping that my documentary receives interest from a few international film festivals next year. I’d love to present something as part of the Hidden Perspectives program once production has properly kicked off!


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